Women's Fitness Magazines

A fabulous way to ruin your progress!

I couldn’t wait to receive my Oxygen magazine every month. The crisp new pages would arrive in the mail and I’d open up to see shiny women on bosu balls, telling me exactly what they ate for every meal. HEAVEN. These women were my idols.

I’d flick through the pages like an addict, “One day I will have a body like theirs.”

Fast forward 3 years of having my oxygen subscription and I was still not any closer to that ‘Dream Bod’ in its pages.

Now, without doubt there were a lot of other things going on that meant I was not getting to where I wanted to be. But these beautiful magazines were not helping me at all…

and here’s why.

1. If the information in a magazine was truly useful – it would be a book.

Magazines are one thing, disposable. So the information in them are usually 95% disposable too. Finding new content every month means that the content itself is white noise and largely based on fads. Because seriously, how many times can we read about the new superfood and how to tone your thighs.

2. Magazines promote program hopping – a common known result blocker.

Last month the program was ‘workout on your couch’ then this month’s gave you a total body HIIT, next month it will probably be ‘tight sexy abs.’ And like me, you probably followed them, ALL of them. The thing with trying every new monthly workout is that it doesn’t actually give your body enough time to get stronger in one particular area. Sticking to a structured full body program for 12 weeks that has small progression within it will yield much great responses in the body’s composition.

3. Her diet shouldn’t be your diet.

If Julia eats egg whites for breakfast and has a bangin’ body, that’s great for Julia, but its doesn’t mean it’s going to be great for you. Following someone else’s diet has a few flaws. You are different people, with different metabolisms, physiques, calorie expenditure and very different lives. If you constantly follow what someone else is eating you fail to do the single most important thing in regards to food, understand what YOUR body needs to run efficiently. I jumped from fitness model diet to fitness model diet in the hopes I’d look like them whilst never paying attention to how my body was performing and feeling both emotionally and physically. Finally, I took the time to recognise what foods did and didn’t work for me and let Julia eat her egg whites, because prefer my eggs whole!

4. They make you second guess what you are doing.

When you are presented with new information every single month you cannot help but question the approach you are taking and will generally change in the hope that this new way is ‘the fastest way.’ In my experience when you find a training and eating regime that fits your lifestyle without effort… STICK TO IT! Grab hold of that baby and never let it go. Because it is not so much the program itself that will get you results, it is your ability to adhere to it, every day, every week, for years and years.


If you genuinely just love the mindless read that a glossy women’s fitness magazine provides in your life, then I would strongly suggest switching over to a Men’s Health mag. Generally, they have more science based articles rather than fad based, the workouts are far superior (and yes women can train like men and not be massive!) they have sexy men and they don’t make you want to juice cleanse, which is a step in the right direction!


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