Who is going to be?

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

It may seem annoying having to track your calories and hold yourself accountable for the food you put in your mouth for a few months.

I would argue that it’s more annoying carrying around an unnecessary 10 or 15 kilos of weight for a few years.

It might be a bit time consuming planning meals and prepping them for the week.

I’d say it would be more time consuming getting an illness or disease that puts you off work for weeks, or months at a time, possibly years.

You might think its a pain in the ass to get to the gym a few times a week.

I’d suggest it would be more of a pain when your body stops functioning properly at 50.

You might think it’s frustrating to have to work on your mind, to have to train yourself to alter who you are internally before you can move forward externally.

I can assure you its not nearly as frustrating as looking in the mirror each day and wanting to change everything that makes up you as a human.

You may think its obsessive, monitoring your food to achieve a particular physique, or going to the gym more days than not, or missing the pub to sit at home and read a book that is going to put you in a better position to deal with what’s happening in your life.

I would argue that if you aren’t obsessive about your body, your health and your life, who is going to be?


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