The Fear of Holidays

For years holidays used to spark a horrible fear in me.

A fear based around food.

A lack of routine, irregular meals, unknown access to my usual go-tos and HEAVEN FORBID putting on a extra kilos.

The few work free weeks off a year I had to relax were the most internally stressful of all and my holidays were usually not enjoyed at all because of it.

Disordered and anxious eating isn't an overnight fix but here are some things that helped me stop sabotaging my holidays.

Ditch the crash diet before your trip. Heading to an island paradise usually means swimsuits and the want to look decent in your photos. Cutting out all your favourite foods before you leave is a sure way to make sure you eat them all, usually in larger amounts, by the time you get to your destination. This is something IIFYM has helped me with hugely.

Drink water. A lot of it. You think your hungry. You're most probably just thirsty and trying to quench that with food. Carry a water bottle everywhere!

Don't base your holidays around food. I would always google the best restaurants at my destinations and then realised I have access to this food at home, everyday. What I don't have is these amazing new locations with all these incredible adventures to be had! Google things to do, not things to eat. Fit food around your adventures, not adventures around your food.

Take snacks. I love breakfast buffets. It's a chance to stock up on boiled eggs, fruit and yogurts and get my snacks sorted so I don't get to a gas station and have to choose from a Twinkie, snickers and Doritos. (Gas stations have nothing to offer for food, don't rely on them.)

Holidays aren't actually about hoovering all the foods. They are a time to relax, enjoy your company, have new experiences, see new places, and feel enriched when you return.


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