Or you could try this instead?

Updated: Nov 21, 2017

You could skip breakfast. Or you could just eat something nutritionally sound to avoid you eating a muffin at 11am. - You could start a new diet. Or you could take some time to write down why you really feel the need to try a new diet. Why the last one didn't work. And why this will be any different. - You could monitor how many calories your burning while you train on your Fitbit. Or you could just go train because you genuinely enjoy how you feel during and after despite how many calories you burnt. - You could keep changing your plan. Or you could just stick to one long enough that you actually see results. - You could train and diet for the rest of your life because you hate what your body looks like. Or you could just remind yourself your body is purely the vessel in which we are given to do the things we love with the people who love us.


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