Maybe to be Healthier?

Maybe it would be healthier to sleep for 8 hours than to get up at 5am to go for a run.

Maybe it is healthier to be 68kg instead of 62 if it means we can go relax and enjoy a nice meal with loved ones at the drop of a hat.

Maybe to be healthier, instead of racing to the gym after work we need to race home and have sex with our partner.

Maybe to be healthier, instead of food prepping all Sunday afternoon we need to get in the sun and read a book.

Maybe to be healthier, instead of smashing yourself in CrossFit class you actually could do with some gentle yoga.

Maybe to be healthier, instead of signing up for a body building competition we need to sign up to pottery club and get some interests that don't involve what we look like.

And maybe to truely be healthier we need to change our influences, our social circles, our careers or our hobbies instead of changing our bodies.


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