Maybe it isn't about the booty?

Updated: Nov 21, 2017

It could be the fact that I'm reaching a new age bracket. Or that I'm just finally understanding what it is to be a woman. It could be hormonal, or just simply me stripping away all the bits that were covering Elise up. - But fitness isn't what it used to be for me. Maybe once you become a woman the goal changes. - Maybe you never actually wanted to be part of the 'booty squad' maybe you just wanted to be comfortable walking over to a squat rack in any gym and repping out. - Maybe you never actually wanted to be 'shredz.' You just wanted to know what it's like to feel strength in every part of your body and to use it efficiently. - Maybe you never actually enjoyed bouncing around doing high knees and butt kicks to lose weight, maybe you wanted to just understand how to use all those machines in the gym effectively. - Maybe you never really cared if you had matching activewear and bottle. Maybe you just wanted to do you. In your Kmart gear. Quietly in the corner. And see the benefits not in your body but in your relationships and overall happiness. - Maybe it isn't about the booty, maybe it's about what the booty represents to you, metaphorically

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