Knowledge and application

“If knowledge was power then we would all be millionaires with 6 packs.”

Knowledge isn’t powerful without application. Application with consistency is the real power.

Applying is where we struggle.

How many self help books can you read before you realise you aren’t hearing anything new, and your problem isn’t lack of knowledge.

It’s lack of application.

You just aren’t doing the things.

Or maybe you are, but not often enough, not consistently.

How many diets and training plans can you buy before you realise it’s not the knowledge in them that you need to make progress, it’s the doing part. The getting out of bed earlier, the structure, the prep, the planning, the work.

So what do you do?

You fall in love. Not with the gathering of information, but the application of it. You get excited about the doing. The work part. Because once you put the work in to that one thing, just once, you will see how that progress breeds more progress, and your love affair with application will grow deeper.


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