I use to lie to my coach.

Well actually that’s a lie in itself.

I lied to both of my coaches.

(I’m sorry Jods and Joey if you are reading this, I think you are both legends!)

I hired a coach to help me get on stage in my first body building comp. I didn’t know what I was doing so it made sense to get help. She gave me my training plan, and my nutrition as well in the months leading up to the show.

We would meet each week and she would ask me how I was going.

“SOOOOO great, I feel fantastic. Following the plan to the tee!”


Big, fat, lie.

Week after week the lies would flow out of my mouth.

Because I was far from great. Once a week I was having a cheat meal. In that meal I would consume upwards of 2000 calories no problem, but it was what would happen the day after that meal that was the problem. All out binges that would see me consume half a weeks worth of food within hours. Extra workouts to try and counteract the calories. And just general misery.

But I would never tell my coach. I had to get on stage. I had to be appear perfect. I couldn’t be that client that didn’t do what they were told!

A few years later I lied to my next coach. (And for the purposes of this email, yes, lying and withholding truth is the same thing).

I was doing powerlifting by this stage. Preparing for a comp and had to drop a few kilos the week before it. My diet plan was by no means strict to drop these 2 kilos but it was a diet none the less. And the simple nature of any form of a diet slipped me into huge binges again.

But I didn’t tell my coach.

And it wasn’t because I didn’t respect them as coaches.

It was because I didn’t want to appear anything but perfect.

Because I was still under the impression that perfect actually existed.

It was because I didn’t want them to think I was just like any other human with struggles.

I wanted them to think I was ON TOP OF MY SHIT.

But the thing is, the reason you get a coach in the first place is because you are very aware you aren’t on top of some particular parts of your shit, and you need a little help and accountability in those areas of your life. You make the conscious decision to go, "Hey I’m not perfect but I can be better at this certain thing and I’m going to get some help."

Flat out lying about how you are doing, what you are or aren’t eating, how you are feeling, what’s happening in your training or life, or just completely going silent (aka thinking you’ve gone so far off the rails that you can’t even talk to us about it) is really just defeating the entire reason you asked someone to help you.

If I had told my coaches the truth I would’ve saved myself years of heartache around food and training. I would’ve gotten the help I needed to fix my life, then and there.

If you are fortunate to have a coach in any area of your life, talk to them.

Tell them what’s going on.

Because we don’t expect you to be perfect.

We simply expect you to be honest, so that we can help.


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