Do you suffer from calorie amnesia?

If I asked you to go back over the last week of food you ate and write it down do you think you would forget a few things?

Did you have a teaspoon of peanut butter, or was it actually 2 tablespoons?

Was that 15 almonds in your handful, or more like 30?

Was it a long black with a dash, or a latte with 1 sugar?

Oh "I don't drink" *except for this weekend, and next weekend, but thats unusual.

Were those wine glasses 100ml, or maybe closer to 250ml?

Plain biscuits? Or cream filled, chocolate coated?

I see many different cases of calorie amnesia. Some more serious, like people selectively forgetting whole meals of chips and burgers, and some less dramatic, forgetting maybe a glass of orange juice or a dash of olive oil.

But no matter the level, suffers will generally all have the same problem of not being able to shift unwanted fat.

Being calorie aware or tracking your calories is all well and good, but WTF is the point if you aren’t actually tracking everything you eat as honestly and accurately as possible.

I would actually leave out whole meals of food from my food journal because I knew very well it was pushing me way over my intended intake and further away from my goals. So I would just leave it out, like if I did that the calories never existed!

But they did exist, and my goals kept creeping further and further away from me.

Another tablespoon of butter, a thicker piece of bread and an extra 100g extra of rump steak each day could be completely eradicating the deficit you are trying to create to promote fat loss.

So if you do currently suffer from calorie amnesia here are some suggestions:

  • Take photos of your food (everything including drinks) for a week or ideally two. Photos will never lie.

  • Have 2 - 4 weeks dedicated to learning about portion sizes. What you think to be 100g may be closer to 200g in reality. Spend this time weighing things you regularly eat to create an eye for sizes.

  • Use a tracking app like my fitness pal to see what meals, foods, or what days specifically may be throwing you completely off track each week. Because 1 or 2 days of eating 1000 calories extra is all it takes for you to undo your deficit.

It may sound like a pain in the arse to do these things for a few weeks, but surely going your whole life and making basic mistakes that keep you from achieving your composition goals is WAY MORE of a pain in the arse!

The best part is - calorie amnesia is TOTALLY CURABLE.

And once I cured myself something exciting happened… I actually began seeing results!

And all I had to do was take a small dose of calorie honesty.


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