Can you do 81%?

I recently started studying again.

It made me really uncomfortable because I am a perfectionist at heart, and immediately put pressure on myself. So naturally when my first test result came back and it was 96% I was less than impressed. But I wasn’t going to just throw in the towel…

Because by the end of the whole course all I will need an 80% average to pass.

That’s it.

Not 100%.

If I get 81% it will give me the EXACT same result as getting 100% - My certificate.

With one very important difference, less pressure.

It made me think about all those attempts I’d made in the past to lose weight and look a certain way. I couldn’t fathom that fact that maybe I didn’t need to be 100%. Maybe I could achieve what I wanted by giving myself that little bit of leeway, that 10-20% of give and take.

I thought I had to be 100% on with my food and training, or not bother at all. There was so much pressure that I would start and then very quickly throw in the towel and stop all together. Because the truth is, I can’t 100%, I never could, and I never will. And I don’t want to assume, but I think you might be the same.

To achieve your ideal body you don’t need to be 100% on 50% of the time.

You need to be about 80-90% on 100% of the time.

It’s very different.

Your attempts should never feel like a fail, they should feel like small, manageable but very conscious steps are always being made to enhance your life and your health.

I can’t do 100%.

I can do 81%.

You can to.


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