6 life lessons CrossFit has taught me.

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

The Crossfit Open has kicked off its 12th season!

This is a world wide CrossFit competition that allows anyone and everyone to enter and test your fitness over 5 weeks of various workouts.

I started doing CrossFit in 2015 after we moved to Thailand.

Apart from the obvious improvements any consistent exercise regime will give you, Crossfit has injected some subtle but extremely valuble lessons into all the important aspects of my life.

Lesson 1.

The less you look in the mirror the less you will worry about the reflection.

Unlike many gyms, Crossfit boxes do not have mirrors. So instead of spending an hour staring at what I saw as my bodies flaws, I actually worked on them, and hard. It's easy in a gym with a mirror in front of you to pick yourself apart. Take that mirror away and if your stomach wobbles a little when you do your burpees you can't see it, so you don't care. You just do the burpees. And worry about getting better.

Lesson 2.

Your outcomes are a direct result of the amount of time and effort you put into something.

There is no hiding in CrossFit. You can't fudge your way through a 100 double unders expecting to come out with your forearms and shins whip free if you didn't practice. You can't walk into things in life and expect it to be easy without a whole lot of old fashioned hard work either. If I hadn't put the work into certain movements how could I be disappointed?

Lesson 3.

It's not about being the best, it's about being better.

Despite it being a competitive sport at heart, CrossFit directed my attention back to myself. I knew the women that had been doing it for years were going to out lift me, and that was somehow, for the first time ok. I was up against myself. I was bettering myself week to week and excited about it. For the first time I wasn't comparing myself to the other women around me.

Lesson 4.

The attitudes and energy you surround yourself with are the ones you adopt.

The energy in a CrossFit box is contagious. People supporting you, pushing you, inspiring you to be your best. Imagine taking that energy into every aspect of your life. CrossFit has shown me what I am capable of with the right people around me and emulating that energy in every part of my life is now easy because I know how powerful it is.

Lesson 5.

If I do not eat properly I will not improve.

It's somewhat doable to get into a general gym class, break a sweat and survive without having eaten or hydrated properly. Try doing that in a CrossFit class 5 days a week and your body will literally refuse. The style of training forced me to respect my bodies need for energy and proper recovery. To switch my mentality of eating to lose weight into eating to perform. And it's been hugely liberating to redirect the attention I had given food from negative to positive.

Lesson 6.

Fear of not being perfect kills your productivity and evolution as a woman.

CrossFit made me understand that perfection and beauty are subjective. Everyone will have a different idea of what is attractive or not. And I found that the harder I worked on myself, my health, my mind, my body the more satisfied I became with my own individual image of perfection. On top of this, that headspace was now free to put into more useful endevours. There is something incredibly life altering that comes with never again worrying about the subjective opinions of others.

My hope is that your approach to training, whatever it may be, continues to provide you with skills, not only in the gym, but in life as well. And that your time spent in the gym comes from a place of nourishment not punishment.


Ps. Have fun in the Open if CrossFit is your jam!


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