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"I want to do it again!!

For me it is all about pushing boundaries, challenging myself and being part of a small community for a short period of time. This programme has taught me to trust in my decisions and I am no doubt stronger and more condident. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but turned out, this programme was perfect for me!"

- Kristine

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beginnINg august 4th 2019


This program is for the women who have been doing the gym thing for a while, but haven't seen the strength and composition changes they think they should.

 For the women who don't want to step on stage, or bounce around the gym doing high kicks, they just want to learn how to lift and feel sexy and confident.

For the women who value the importance of health and staying fit but don't want it to run their lives. 

For the women who are over diets, and program hopping and just want to learn how to be  balanced and strong. 

For the women who are ready to take responsibility and invest the time to learn about what their bodies really need to be sensational.

For the women who want to make intelligent life long decisions when it comes to their training and nutrition and never have to google 'best way to lose weight' again!

What You RECEive when you become a

Boss Chick:


• 2 x 4 week progressive strength and conditioning programs

• Personalised nutritional guidance and protocols

• Personalised updates to programs as needed

• Form and technique checks and corrections via video analysis

• Weekly educational videos on mindset, nutrition, mobility, technique and training

• Live weekly Q and A's with me

• Access to correct movement execution videos

• Access to private Boss Chicks Facebook group

• Printable PDF's with all information received throughout the 8 weeks.


You will work with me, one on one for the entire 8 weeks along with an intimate group of women. I will be coaching you towards a world where you are in control of your body and you no longer waste your precious energy and head space on ridiculous diets, competing with other women or exercising for punishment.


I believe every woman should have the tools to be able to train, eat and live efficiently and effectively no matter what their goals. I have spent the last 10 years gathering those tools and I want to share them with you, step by step.

beginnINg august 4th 2019

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Boss Chick?